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Let me help you bring out the best of your wardrobe and your personal style.


Personal style can be as important to self esteem as much as keeping fit and eating well. It's a form of self care like any other. 

Understanding your body shape, knowing your best colours and what to wear to represent your identity, can boost your confidence immeasurably.

Women in particular, can feel lost or invisible due to the aging process, weight loss or gain, having babies or changes in relationships, and they often turn to spending money on clothes they don't like but feel they should be wearing, on clothes that were in the sale even though they didn't need them, on jeans they will hope to fit into one day. We've all been there. A stylist can not only help you shop in the right way for your lifestyle, body shape and budget, but give that boost of confidence we all need in our lives. 

Working with me as a personal stylist will ensure no more panic buying or holding onto clothes that don't make you feel good. I will help you save money in the long run by understanding how to wear your wardrobe more effectively and shopping for clothes that suit your body shape perfectly. We will navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of fashion and style together, and I promise we will have a giggle along the way. 

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