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Clothes Hangers


I know it's your job but I'm amazed you identified what would suit me so efficiently and quickly...I've been trying to work it out for years!

Nicola - Wardrobe Detox & Online Shop

You are exactly what I needed. I would never have thought to wear my clothes this way. I feel brilliant and so confident!

Maggie - Wardrobe Detox

You've made me feel young, trendy and confident. A million thank you's!! I no longer feel like an invisible Mum!

Ann - Wardrobe Detox

After just 30 minutes I knew it would change the way I dressed forever. It was everything I needed and more.

Ali - Personal Shopping

I'm no longer saving anything for best. I'm wearing dresses and skirts and adding more variety into my wardrobe. I'm only confident to do that because of your help.

Helen - Wardrobe Detox

The session rejuvenated my love of fashion, which has laid dormant the past few years due to hectic Mumming! I've really enjoyed getting dressed, something I haven't felt for years. Thank you thank you thank you! 

Anna - Wardrobe Detox & Colour Analysis

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