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A Bit About Me

  • Working as a buyer for some of the UK's best known retailers for over 17 years took me all over the world and taught me everything there is to know about fashion. Now based in Manchester and after years of styling friends and family, I decided to step out on my own to share my passion.

  • I have 2 daughters and live in Manchester. 

  • I'm fully trained in Colour Analysis and have spent years fitting women of all sizes, alongside sourcing and developing clothes and accessories for retailers and customers from all over the world.

  • My styling sessions leave my clients feeling confident, refreshed and comfortable in their own unique style, a style that they have either lost along the way or have needed a little direction to discover. 

  • My services are for all shapes and sizes, lifestyles and budgets. My approach is down to earth, fun, supportive  and friendly and each styling session will leave you feeling confident and with a style identity of your own. I will give you the knowledge of where and how to shop, ultimately saving you money and time. 

  • Personal Stylists are as key to a womans individuality as a hair stylist or a personal trainer. Everybody needs a little guidance in some form of life so don't hesitate to get in touch for a free style consultation.

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